Solutions for the Industry

Characterization and Validation

Building up the relationship between composition, structure, and properties has been one of our main strengths since CellMat was born. We have equipped our labs with a wide variety of techniques to fully characterize any foamed product. The main components of any polymeric foam can be analyzed:

Foam properties

Polymer Phase

Using reverse engineering we can learn about the composition, thermal properties, and main features of the raw polymer.

Gas Phase

This component is studied by determining parameters such as solubility and diffusivity of gases in the polymer matrix or gas phase composition inside the cells.

Cellular Structure

Its analysis allows the quantification of parameters such as the cell size, the open cell content, the cell wall thickness, and the mass fraction in the struts that are key to understanding and modeling the performance of the foam.

Physical Properties

We are prepared to test thermal properties , mechanical, acoustic  properties, and fire resistance among others (flame retardancy and LOI)