Solutions for the Industry

Sustainable Solutions

We strongly believe that it is necessary to work towards improving sustainability at different levels and due to that we are constantly developing new approaches to produce foams with lower environmental impact and more respectful with workers and end-customers. Some of the strategies we are currently using comprise:

Recycled polymers

To align with zero-waste trends we think that one of our best chances is to reuse what has been already made. To facilitate the use of PCR products we analyze the foaming behavior of these materials by producing and characterizing prototypes. We also offer alternatives of partial or total replacement in your current formulation, keeping  foam properties

Use of biopolymers

We design alternative solutions using bio-derived raw materials for foaming applications and replacing some traditional non-environmentally friendly products.

Sustainable blowing agents

These products are one of the key components of any foam and their role in improving sustainability is, therefore, critical Replacing blowing agents is a smart and effective way to boost sustainability in your product. We can help you regardless if you use either chemical or physical blowing agents.

Circular economy

We put our know-how in foaming technologies and materials to help our partners to study and optimize the life cycle of their products.