Solutions for the Industry

Advanced Products and Processes. Upscaling
The development of advanced products or processes has become of paramount importance in a society challenging us with more demanding and specific needs. We put to our customers service our wide experience in the design of novel and disruptive solutions for foaming applications: raw materials, additives, etc. Our services in this area include:


We provide solutions based on different technologies and specialized formulations to reduce weight in your foams or even in your solid materials

Raw materials

We help in the selection of raw materials for specific foaming applications. We can test and validate polymers with good foamability, efficient nucleating agents, and chemical or physical blowing agents.


Design and production of tailor-made formulations to generate foamed materials with advanced properties. We consider both the modifications of the cellular structure and the modifications of the polymer matrix composition.


We offer a full consultancy service in the up-scaling of your process – from helping in the design of equipment to adjusting formulations and processing conditions to meet the new scale demands.