R&D for the Future

The core of our business is science and applying it to development: R&D is of strategic relevance for us and part of our DNA. For this reason, we keep researching and innovating to offer our partners the best ideas and new solutions for the coming future. Currently, we are actively working on several research projects and novel developments in the field of cellular materials:

Nanocellular polymers

Following our patented technology nCell, we keep developing these new materials and looking for new applications for their outstanding properties.

Open cell foams

From our patented OpenCellMat technology, we continue widely spreading the technology, optimizing the processes, and improving the applicability of the resulting products.

Bio-based polymer foams

Going one step forward by performing research focused on bio-derived products and evaluating their foamability through different technologies and their potential uses.


Boost the performance of current products by replacing elements with an eco-friendlier alternative.

Nucleating agents

Testing and developing new nucleating agents either micro- or nano-sized providing high-quality cellular structures for a wide variety of foaming processes.

Blowing agents

We work on advanced blowing agents to enhance the performance and the level of sustainability of your products.

Foams for structural applications

Lightweighting but still maintaining a good mechanical performance by developing formulations to create cellular materials with high specific stiffness and strength for structural applications.